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April 29, 2011 / Lee Skallerup Bessette

Ready? Set. Go!

Welcome to Chasing Laferrière, where I will be working out and writing out my journey towards (hopefully) a book on author Dany Laferrière. I’d say Haitian author, or French author, or Quebec author, or Canadian author, but Laferriere has consistently recoiled from such label. Out of professional respect, I grant his wish and call him “just” an author.

Browse around the site as I get it up and running. Especially, click over to About. I explain a little about my project and history with the author, as well as why I chose the title “Chasing Laferrière.”

A note about accents. I’m working on an English keyboard and in WordPress, so I haven’t quite figured out how to easily insert accents. When I do, I’ll be coming in and making correction. Update: Just copying and pasting. Still finding a shortcut.

I hope that this becomes a place where people comment and share their thoughts, not only on my research, but on Dany Laferrière (and related subjects like life writing, rewriting, postcolonial writing, Haitian writing, etc) more generally. If nothing else, I just wanted a space that kept all of my thoughts on Laferriere in one place, as well as a way to write, even if I have nothing to write about. Yet.

Thirty minutes at a time; that’s how this book will eventually be written. Or, one blog post at a time.


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