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May 2, 2011 / Lee Skallerup Bessette

Step One: Research in my Office

I’ve updated the Running Bibliography page here with the first of many updates.  This is just the research (and not even all the research, just the journal articles) I have lying around my office at work. There are boxes of the stuff just waiting for me at home. I’m thinking, one folder of stuff every night until I’m finished.

Or, until I find even more research.

Some interesting links I’ve discovered while checking up on the information for my sources: A great place to find Haitian literature and other writing. I’ll be going here frequently. A European-based author website that has quite a good bibliography of academic work concerning Laferrière. It’s always fascinating (and infuriating) to me to find research results from overseas, simply because it is often quite different from what I find in my own research here in the States (also versus Canada).

Chasing Laferrière is particularly challenging because people all over the world are interested in and are writing about his work. It’s one of the reasons why I am finally putting this bibliography together so I can check and see if I already have a source or need to still get it (there are some essays that I think I must have 10 copies of).

This will also be useful when I pull together the manuscript for my upcoming edited volume of essays on Laferrière. On top of having to (finally) interview the author, I have to pull together a bibliography. Awesome.


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