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February 15, 2012 / Lee Skallerup Bessette

Recent Interviews

These are only four of the many, many (many) interviews Laferrière has done in the aftermath of his Prix Médicis win and the publication of his most recent novel, L’Art preque perdue de rien faire (which I am still trying to get through).

First up is a Canadian Press story about Laferrière’s reaction to winning the literary prize. Next is one that gives us the reaction of various other Haitian authors to his win. In English, we have a piece about experiencing first-hand the earthquake in Haiti and, in what should be the introduction to my book of essays on Laferrière, a great piece about his recent literary life and new-found fame (rather than infamy). All four of these profile/pieces/interviews provide a new element of insight in the literary life of Laferrière, a new glimpse into his work.

Which is the central frustration when it comes to being able to write a brief introduction to the author, not to mention compile any sort of meaningful critical bibliography; I almost just want to write, if you’re looking for a good interview with Laferrière, Google it, because any list published here will be outdated the moment it is sent from my computer to the publisher’s.

Interestingly, Laferrière’s television appearances have begun to start popping up on YouTube. Boreal, his publisher in Quebec, even created short videos of him reading his latest book as a promotional tool. In this lengthy interview from the TV show, Tout le monde en parle, Laferrière laments that adult readers have forgotten the simple childhood pleasure of reading out loud. I would invite you to search for pieces from Laferrière on YouTube, but here, listen to him describe “L’art d’aimer.”


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